What Allied Payroll Solutions Can Offer To Your Business

Let Allied Payroll Solutions take the hassle of doing payroll off your weekly list of ‘things to do’

Just send the hours and if there are any changes to pay rates or vacation pays. APS will handle printing out the checks and sending out the direct deposit.

All garnishments and other withholdings are also automatically taken care for you.

The federal, state and county taxes are also paid and filed on your behalf.

Quarterlies are sent to you completed and only needing a signature every quarter. And lastly, W2’s and W3’s are sent to you at the beginning of every year.

Please note that Allied Payroll Solutions does not charge for quarterlies or W2’s.

What is great about APS is that there are no hidden fees and you are billed once a month for the price that you are expecing.



-Direct Deposit

-State, Federal, & County Tax Payment

-Payroll Reports


-W2's & W3's

-Child support & Garnishment Deductions

-Workmen's Compensation

-Time Clocks

-Personal Downloads into your software


-Cafeteria Plans

If you have any other required services please call! Allied Payroll Solutions is flexible enough to fit your needs.

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